We have some great users who love us

We love our users and they love us back We have some great users who love us
  • "The Best Shopping Experience. Very informative, and you just buy what you see. There is no better than Wazzey!!!

    Safe, Secure, Reliable!!!"

    Levi Strauss
    Levi Strauss Long Island, New York
  • “In my opinion Wazzey is the best social shopping marketplace on the web. It has all the tools you need to implement your sales strategy. Moreover it has a very dynamic and in depth product listing tool that is constantly being updated and enhanced with new features."

    Shane Marsh
    Shane Marsh Chicago, Illinois
  • "I have ordered a lot from Wazzey since they opened, and find it very easy and quick to pay. Overall most stores are very customer friendly and sell good products. I think Wazzey is a good place to shop with the vast amount of products they have and the payment options they offer.

    Wazzey is definitely worth checking out!"

    James Anderson
    James Anderson Houston, TX
  • "Our store implementation and transition to online retail on Wazzey was quite smooth. Wazzey always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out."

    Nathan Astle
    Nathan Astle Los Angeles, CA
  • "I'm using Wazzey from now on instead of all those other online shopping websites I've never had any problem with shopping on here. I used to buy all those cheap products online before, but now almost all kind of products can be find here much cheaper. There weren't any issues with my orders and after many orders I can say that Wazzey is great place to shop and find great deals on products. Thank you for service!"

    Mr. Albanja
    Mr. Albanja Asia Pacific Division
  • "For me this was one of the best shopping experiences. Everything i bought came on time in good condition with free shipping. They even take Prepaid Gift Cards and every other kind of payments through Paypal"

    Ron Henry
    Ron Henry Myrtle Beach, SC